Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Commercial Cleaning Equipment

There is a great demand for commercial cleaning equipment and the friendly folks at Certified Cleaning Supplies & Equipment have exactly what you are looking for in all types of cleaning equipment and janitor supplies ranging from janitorial carts, vacuums, floor cleaners, chemical cleaning solutions, paper products, rentals and more. Call us today to inquire about all our janitor supplies and cleaning equipment that can help make a tough job a whole lot easier. Certified Cleaning Supplies & Equipment has always been the leading commercial cleaning equipment and janitor supplies business since 1910 and people trust our good advice.

Our reputation as a leader for customer service has made us who we are today. We carry only top of the line chemical cleaning products, mat liners, trash bins, and an array of great janitor supplies that do what they advertise. Call today for free delivery service on Saturdays and put your order together with us at Certified Cleaning Supplies & Equipment. We look forward to your call, and are a name you can trust in. Call today to put your order together and let us start a great working relationship for your business or residential needs. We are here for you every day.

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