Friday, July 17, 2015

Janitor Supplies Lakewood

Where can you find the best selection of janitor supplies in Lakewood? Right at Certified Cleaning Supplies & Equipment, that's where! You get quality cleaning products, janitor supplies such as carts, mat liners, trash bins, cleaning equipment and a whole lot of support and advice from experts that have been in business since 1910. We have the best products for any job you have be it commercial or residential, and our staff loves to provide you with janitor supplies that makes your life easier.

Certified Cleaning Supplies & Equipment is open Monday to Saturday and offers free delivery. We also have repairs and specials from time to time on used and new equipment. We have all your janitor supplies right here under one roof and a reputation to prove our commitment to our clients. We love what we do and treat you just like part of the family when you walk through our doors. Ask us to put together your next order for you at Certified Cleaning Supplies & Equipment and be glad you chose a company that is top notch in the industry, honest, and reliable. Call us today.

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