Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Professional Floor Care Equipment Denver

When you are looking for professional floor care equipment in Denver, give Certified Cleaning Supplies & Equipment a call today and they can tell you exactly what professional floor care equipment you will need for your specific job at hand. They have available for rent or sale every type of professional floor care equipment you can imagine such as scrubbers, polishers, vacuums and more. We have it all in store for you with competitive prices and quality products for every job.

At Certified Cleaning Supplies & Equipment we provide great advice on how to save you time and money and you will see for certain, the difference we make in the way you clean for residential or commercial. Find us easy with our convenient map and ask us about our free delivery. Since 1910 we have been helping commercial and residential clients keep their environments clean and we look forward to you being one of our loyal customers and providing you with great customer service and more at Certified Cleaning Supplies & Equipment. Call today and ask us about our specials that come available from time to time on line that we forward on to you. Saving you money is what we are all about.

For more information about Certified Cleaning Supplies & Equipment visit our website at www.certifiedjanitorialsupplies.com