Monday, December 1, 2014

Cleaning Equipment Arvada

When you need quality and affordable cleaning equipment in Arvada give Certified Cleaning Supplies & Equipment a call, or visit them in person and see what they are all about. They carry a complete chemical product line and will find exactly what suits your needs and your business to help you get the job done more efficiently and quickly. They also carry an array of cleaning equipment that will make life a lot easier on your body such as window washing equipment, vacuums, scrubbers, polishers, and much more. Ask us about some of our other items as well like paper products, waste baskets, mat liners and more. You see, we are not limited to just the basics, we carry everything for commercial, residential and janitorial needs.

Give us a call today and see why Certified Cleaning Supplies and Equipment is just the company for you. Be sure to have a look online at some of the great deals we get on cleaning equipment from time to time, we will then pass those savings on to you and save you even more money. Since 1910 we have formed lasting relationships with our loyal customers and clients and always treat them as part of the family. Call us today!