Friday, July 11, 2014

Cleaning Equipment Commerce City

Sanitaire. Pro Team. Crusader. Eureka. Galaxy. AirMovers. What do these names all have in common? They’re the top brands of cleaning equipment in Commerce City, and you’ll find them – and many more – at Certified Cleaning Supplies and Equipment, the leading supplier of cleaning equipment in the area. Your cleaning jobs will take less time and have better quality and longer-lasting effects when using brands like these.

When you come to Certified Cleaning Supplies and Equipment looking for janitor and custodial cleaning equipment, you’ll find a huge selection available to you. We want to help you stay within your budget to get the best value for your dollar, so we offer used cleaning equipment and refurbished cleaning equipment. And of course, we have brand-new cleaning equipment if you want the latest and greatest.

Making your purchase is only the beginning. Want to keep your investment running smoothly now and in the future? Utilize our cleaning equipment repair services and cleaning equipment maintenance services. We value our relationships with our clients and want to provide you with what you need for the long-term, which is why the friendly, experienced staff at Certified Cleaning Supplies and Equipment are here to make recommendations and offer advice. And if we get a discount, we’re going to pass that on to you.

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