Sunday, March 2, 2014

Cleaning Equipment Arvada

Certified Cleaning Supplies & Equipment is a leading supplier of cleaning equipment in Arvada and we are ready to show you what cleaning equipment options will get you back the most now and in the future. Our expertise in the cleaning industry is continually an asset for our clients as we can point out various features of our many cleaning equipment brands that made make your job easier.

Are you looking for floor scrubbers, floor polishers, high speed buffers, propane buffers, auto scrubbers, wet dry vacs, back vacs, carpet cleaning machines, extractors, or other cleaning equipment? It so come directly to Certified Cleaning Supplies & Equipment where we have all of these as well as Sanitaire and Pro Team vacuum lines to help our cleaning industry clients make the most of their cleaning equipment investment.

Our many years in the cleaning equipment industry continually help our clients choose wisely the specific cleaning equipment they’ll use on a regular basis to make their living in Colorado. We like to help you make a wise investment with lasting results when you’re ready at Certified Cleaning Supplies & Equipment so come on by and see you soon!