Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Janitor Supplies Lakewood

At Certified Cleaning Supplies and Equipment, we carry a great selection of janitor supplies in Lakewood. Floor cleaning supplies and equipment, window cleaning supplies, janitor carts, garbage receptacles, cleaning chemicals, furniture care products, bathroom cleaning and supply  products, kitchen cleaning and supply products, and so much more can be found on our shelves every day.

We are open on Saturdays too and provide free delivery in the area. You get more with Certified Cleaning Supplies and Equipment. Our customer service is outstanding and our years in the cleaning supplies industry makes us an informed leader in Lakewood. We will even help you find what you are looking for if we do not have it in stock. Our dedication goes beyond the average.

We know what our customers like and need for their company or business cleaning jobs and we always have an unbeatable selection to choose from. We are a staple in the area for brand name and bargain brand janitor cleaning supplies equipment. If you purchase equipment from us, you can look forward to years of service for maintenance and repairs to keep it running great and doing its job well.

Come by and see what we have in stock at Certified Cleaning Supplies and Equipment.