Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Denver Janitorial Equipment Repair

Professional cleaning equipment is complicated and expensive, and when it breaks down you want Denver janitorial equipment repair that is up to the task so that you can get back to work.  If you are experiencing problems with any type of floor scrubber, buffer, carpet cleaning machine, or Sanitaire or Pro Team model vacuums, the experts at Certified Cleaning Supplies and Equipment are ready to  use our extensive experience to find the source of the problem and to fix it effectively, getting your equipment back in order as quickly as possible and at a fair price, and saving you the money and hassle of replacing it. 

Certified Cleaning Supplies and Equipment also carries everything that you need for all of your other cleaning tasks, from large equipment to cleaning chemicals and trash bins, and can help you find just the right product for every job.  Our staff is courteous and knowledgeable, and always ready to explain how to use any of the equipment that we sell.  Whether you are looking to purchase high quality custodial items or need to have the equipment you already owned repaired in order to make the most out of it, you should come to Certified or visit our website. 

Monday, April 29, 2013

Commercial Vacuum Equipment Denver

Having high quality vacuum equipment can make it much quicker and easier to keep your carpets, rugs and furniture clean and fresh.  We are a leading supplier of commercial vacuum equipment in Denver, offering amazing prices on a wide selection of back vacuums, uprights, canister vacs, wet vacuums, and many other styles.  Certified Cleaning Supplies and Equipment also has the knowledge and experience to help you choose the right machine for your needs, and to make sure that you know how to use it to its fullest.

We have spent over a hundred years helping customers all over the Denver metro area get the best deals on the best available janitorial supplies, from vacuums to window washing equipment to trash bins and paper towels.  Certified does our very best to match every customer to the exact products that will serve them the most, and we are committed to our customers' complete satisfaction, and we are open Monday through Saturday and offer free delivery. .  If you and your staff are spending too much time cleaning with inferior vacuums and other equipment, contact Certified to get a great deal on the products that you need to get great results in less time. 

Friday, April 26, 2013

Denver Custodial Cleaning Products

It takes a lot of work to keep any business clean, and having the right products for the job can make that work much easier, saving you both time and money.  We are the leading supplier of Denver custodial cleaning products, and can help you find the supplies and equipment that it takes to keep any business as clean as you want it for your clients.

Certified Cleaning Supplies and Equipment has been providing Colorado businesses with the products that they need to keep their spaces looking their best. By working closely with every client, we help them find exactly what they need for their cleaning tasks at fair prices, and with the knowledge and advice to help them get the most out of all of their products. From trash cans and liners to floor buffers, we have all of the custodial supplies that any business could need, and because we work directly with the manufacturers, we can get you the best prices available on the high quality cleaning supplies that you need. Visit our website to find out more about our selection of products, or stop in Monday through Friday, nine to five, or Saturday until one PM to take a look in person.   

Monday, April 22, 2013

Commercial Floor Buffing Equipment Denver

Each day, the floors in your business put up with a lot of dirt and wear, and it can be an awful lot of work to keep them looking great. Beyond just dirt and debris on your floor, it also takes damage from scratches and scuffs, so even keeping it clean isn't enough to keep them looking new.  To have smooth, shiny clean floors, you need to buff them from time to time, and we are the best source for commercial floor buffing equipment in Denver at low prices.  Whether you are looking to buy a buffing machine or rent one, we have a great selection of new and used floor buffers to choose from that will leave your floor looking amazing. 

Certified Cleaning Supplies and Equipment know how important it is for your commercial spaces to look their best and make a great impression on customers and clients, and we carry all of the products that you need to make that happen without wasting a lot of time and effort. Having the right supplies, from floor buffers to quality cleaning sprays, makes every cleaning task easier, so come to Certified or visit our website to see our vast selection of products. 

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Restroom Cleaning Supplies Denver

The restrooms in any business space, be it an office, a restaurant, or a shop, take constant attention to keep reasonably clean and well stocked.  It can make a major difference to have access to exactly the right supplies for every aspect of the job, and we carry the restroom cleaning supplies in Denver that you need to get better results in less time.  From the tissue rolls, hand soaps and paper towels to keep your washroom stocked to the cleaning chemicals and equipment to keep it clean and fresh,  Certified Cleaning Supplies and Equipment has the high quality supplies you need at the low prices that you want.

The staff at Certified is always more than happy to answer all of your questions, offer suggestions, or explain how to use any of the products that we sell, because we understand that knowing which products you need and how to use them most effectively is just as important as having access to the products themselves. We can help make all of your cleaning and custodial tasks easier and more efficient, from washrooms to floors and windows.  Visit our website, call, or come in today to see everything that we have on hand to keep your business clean. 

Monday, April 15, 2013

Commercial Floor Cleaning Products Denver

You may not realize how much of an impression your floors make on your clients, whether they notice it consciously or not, but you definitely know how much time it takes your staff to get them clean. We can help you get the right commercial floor cleaning products in Denver to make a great impression with bright shiny floors with less wasted time.   Whether you need waxes, cleansers, polishes, or the equipment for heavy duty floor cleaning, Certified Cleaning Supplies and Equipment can get you the high quality products you need at fantastic prices. 

We are dedicated to helping businesses in Denver to find the cleaning solutions that will work best for them, and have been doing so for over a full century. Our experts can answer all of your questions about how to use our products most effectively, or which ones will serve your needs best, and are always happy to help.  Having access to the right products for every ask a a great prices makes it possible to get the results you want quicker and more efficiently. Come in to Certified Cleaning Supplies and Equipment to see what we have, visit our website or call to talk to our staff. 

Friday, April 12, 2013

Custodial Cleaning Chemicals Denver

It takes a surprising number of different cleaning products to get great results, and if you are looking for the best selection of custodial cleaning chemicals in Denver, matched with the knowledge and experience it takes to pick the right products for every job, you will want to come to Certified Cleaning Supplies and Equipment. We have spent over a hundred years working with local businesses to help them find exactly the cleaning chemicals and supplies that they need to keep their spaces looking great.

From window cleaners and floor waxes to disinfectants and polishes  to “all purpose cleaners”, Certified has all of the highest quality cleaning chemicals at the best possible prices.  Some people try to cut costs by using cheaper, lower quality products, or trying to use whatever cleaners they have on hand for all of their tasks, but anything that they save by cutting those corners, they lose again in wasted work time and poor results. By keeping the right cleaning chemicals on hand, you make all of your staff's cleaning tasks easier and less time consuming.  Contact Certified Cleaning Supplies and Equipment online or by phone, or come down in person to see our selection of cleaning chemicals and other products. 

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Window Cleaning Supplies Denver

Keeping windows and glass clean can be a constant task, and it can be made so much more easy and efficient with exactly the right supplies.  You can have clean, bright, streak free windows with less effort and time with the help of the best source of window cleaning supplies in Denver, from spray cleaners and spot removers for hard water stains  to squeegees, washer pads and extension poles.

Certified Cleaning Supplies and Equipment carries the very best in a huge range of custodial products for any type of business at excellent prices, and we are always prepared to help you find the ones that are right for you.  Our experienced staff knows exactly what all of our products can do for your business, and how to use them most effectively. 

We have been helping local businesses to keep their windows and everything else as clean as possible without wasting time and labor using poor quality supplies for over one hundred years, and we will be happy to use our experience to help you do the same.  Call, stop in, or visit our website to learn more about all of our products, or to ask us any questions that you may have.   

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Commercial Cleaning Supplies Denver

If you are in charge of keeping any commercial space clean, whether it is a restaurant, store, office or other space, you know that it takes a wide range of products and equipment to effectively get the results that you want.  The cost of all of these products adds up, and you can save your business money without sacrificing quality and efficiency if you can get great deals on commercial cleaning supplies in Denver from a reliable source.

You can count on Certified Cleaning Supplies and Equipment to get you everything that you need from trash cans and liners to cleaning chemicals to vacuums and floor buffers at low prices.  You can also count on our helpful and friendly staff to help you figure out exactly which custodial products are right for your business, and to give you advice on how to use those products to get the best results. We've spent a century providing Denver businesses with what they need to make all of their cleaning tasks easier and less time consuming.

We also carry a constantly changing selection of used equipment, and offer repair for items such as vacuums and carpet cleaners in addition to all of or cleaning supplies. Contact Certified today to find out more.  

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Janitorial Equipment Rental Denver

It takes a lot of equipment and supplies to keep any business clean enough for the customers, and one way to save money on cleaning costs is with janitorial equipment rental in Denver.   By renting  rather than buying larger cleaning  items like floor buffers and  carpet cleaners, you can get great professional results without the high cost of buying equipment that you will only be using occasionally.   Certified Cleaning Supplies and Equipment are known for offering all of the products you could need for any type of business at great prices, from cleaning chemicals to trash cans, vacuums to paper towels, and that includes renting the high quality equipment that you need.

Certified has helped local businesses meet their cleaning needs with great products at amazing prices for over one hundred years, building a reputation for honest, knowledgeable service and solid value.  You can always get helpful, informative advice on which products and equipment are most appropriate for your custodial tasks, and on how best to use those products, from any of our staff.  We are dedicated  to making sure that our customers are satisfied. You can contact us through our website, or call us to ask about renting quality janitorial equipment for your business.