Saturday, February 16, 2013

Commercial Floor Cleaning Supplies Denver

All through the year, your floors are exposed to dirt, mud, salt and other substances being tracked through, and it is a constant battle to keep them looking clean and bright, whether they are carpeted or hard floors. Having the right tools for the job can make all the difference in getting great results with less effort though, and we carry all of your commercial floor cleaning supplies in Denver.  

With high quality floor scrubbers, high speed buffers, polishers, carpet extractors and vacuums from Sanitaire and Pro Team, we have the equipment you need to get your floors looking incredible in less time, as well as the solvents, strippers and polishes to go with them.  Certified Cleaning Supply and Equipment also has the knowledge to help you decide just what tools will work best for your business. We've been providing businesses with top quality cleaning supplies at discount prices for over one hundred years, building a name as a trusted resource in the community.  

We carry a number of excellent floor machines used at any given time as well, allowing you to get great equipment on a budget. Visit Certified's website to see what we have in stock, stop in, or call and ask.