Monday, January 28, 2013

Pro Team Back Pack Vacuums Denver

In almost all situations, your floor cleaning tasks can be made quicker and easier with a back vacuum.  They can often remove twice as much dirt in half of the time of upright vacuum styles, and can be used on hard surfaces as well as carpets.  

We carry top of the line Pro Team back  pack vacuums in Denver in order to give our customers the very best in cleaning technology.  Pro Team's back vacuums not only increase productivity by making the job easier, they also include a four level filtration system to remove bacteria and dust mites more effectively, and because they do not stir up or release dust and dirt, less dust re-settles on your furnishings, reducing your cleaning load. Certified Cleaning Supplies and Equipment are proud to carry everything that you need to keep your place of business clean and safe, from vacuums to cleaning chemicals.  We've served the Denver business community for over one hundred years,  offering excellent prices and superior service to each client.   

Having the correct equipment is the key to making any cleaning task easier and reduce wasted effort, and Certified will help you find exactly what you need at great value for a clean, efficient business space.