Monday, January 21, 2013

Commercial Vacuums Denver

Your employees are probably spending too much time trying to keep your carpeting clean, and never being able to get them as clean as they could be. We carry top quality commercial vacuums in Denver so that you can get cleaner rugs in less time.  

Our highly efficient vacuums allow your staff to get amazing results in shorter time, with less physical stress and effort.  The right equipment makes any task easier and quicker, and floor care is no exception. Having an efficient, well designed vacuum that is appropriate for the job means there is less reaching, stretching and shoving to cause back pain for your staff, and they'll be able to get your floors cleaner than ever before.  

Whether you need a back vac or a large industrial machine, Certified Cleaning Supplies and Equipment has excellent prices on a wide selection of great vacuums for all of your needs.  We have been serving Denver with professional custodial equipment since 1910, providing everything from floor machines to spray cleaners at great prices and building a reputation for attentive, knowledgeable service in the community over those years.  Call or visit our website with any questions or to find out what we have in stock today.