Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Restored Floor Buffers Denver

If you thought that you had to buy a new floor buffer this year to replace an old or broken one, think again! You can purchase restored floor buffers from Certified Cleaning Supplies and Equipment for a great price in Denver. 

We have refurbished equipment for sale all of the time at Certified Cleaning; but you have to act fast because these great deals do not last long. Our mechanics can repair broken equipment and have it back online fast, too. So if you are in the market for a floor buffer, consider a restored one from Certified Cleaning. We know that costs can add up when industrial strength equipment is involved; that is why we can offer such great prices on used equipment in Denver.

Used floor care equipment can offer a great solution to buying retail priced new equipment in Denver. Let us help you save money with a restored floor buffer from Certified Cleaning Supplies and Equipment. We love helping our clients get what they need and save money at the same time. Call us or come by today!