Thursday, May 10, 2012

Custodial Equipment Rental Denver

For many small businesses, it isn’t worth the expense to purchase industrial cleaning equipment, but from time to time they still may need it, and that is why Certified Cleaning Supplies and Equipment offers custodial equipment rental in Denver, so you can have access to the equipment you need without having to purchase and store it full time.   We carry high quality custodial equipment for rental such as floor buffers and carpet cleaners, at reasonable prices so you can afford to keep your business in top shape.   

Having to buy major equipment that you only really need once or twice a year is an expense that most small businesses can not easily shoulder with their already tight budgets, and by offering custodial equipment rental in Denver we can take care of that problem for you.   If you find that you do need the type of equipment that you are renting more often, we also sell used and new custodial equipment, so we can help you find one to keep at a reasonable price as well.  Contact us or come in to Certified Cleaning Supplies and Equipment to see what we have available for custodial equipment rental that works for you.