Sunday, November 27, 2011

Janitorial Vacuums Denver

A great way to improve your cleaning capability is a janitorial vacuum from Certified Cleaning Supplies and Equipment. We suggest Pro Team’s back vacs that add mobility and convenience for all of your janitorial cleaning needs.

Pro Team’s back vacs janitorial vacuums remove more dirt than the traditional vacuum and in only half the time and effort. Ask our clients how much they love the janitorial vacuums from Certified Cleaning and they will tell you how happy they are with Pro Team’s back vacs.

Back vacs clean on all floor surfaces including hard wood, carpet, linoleum, tile, etc. They move along quickly and efficiently and there is nothing to drag behind and scuff-up the floor with.

In addition to mobility and convenience, the quality of janitorial vacuums is above the rest of the competition in Denver. Pro Team offers a four level filtration system that captures dust, dust mites, and even bacteria.