Friday, September 30, 2011

Custodial Back Vacs Denver

In any business that involves maintenance of floors, whether a janitorial service or simply a good sized store or restaurant that you are having your staff keep clean as side duties, switching to custodial back vacs from more traditional industrial uprights or canister vacuums can save your business a considerable amount in labor and time, which translates into money.  Back vacs from Certified Janitorial Supplies and Equipment in Denver replace both your old vacuum, and the dust mop and broom for your hard floors, with a far less labor intensive set of actions for an amazing level of clean for less effort, and with less muscle strain.    

Much easier to maneuver and far more efficient, a custodial back vac makes it quicker an easier for your people to get all of your floor surfaces cleaner than ever before.  On carpet, custodial back vacs pick up more dirt in half of the time than an upright model,  and are filtered more effectively so they re-release fewer particles of dust and debris back into the air.   On hard floors, they are remarkably effective, working without stirring up dust as they go.  Call us now or go to our website for more information about the benefits of our custodial back vacs