Friday, September 30, 2011

Custodial Back Vacs Denver

In any business that involves maintenance of floors, whether a janitorial service or simply a good sized store or restaurant that you are having your staff keep clean as side duties, switching to custodial back vacs from more traditional industrial uprights or canister vacuums can save your business a considerable amount in labor and time, which translates into money.  Back vacs from Certified Janitorial Supplies and Equipment in Denver replace both your old vacuum, and the dust mop and broom for your hard floors, with a far less labor intensive set of actions for an amazing level of clean for less effort, and with less muscle strain.    

Much easier to maneuver and far more efficient, a custodial back vac makes it quicker an easier for your people to get all of your floor surfaces cleaner than ever before.  On carpet, custodial back vacs pick up more dirt in half of the time than an upright model,  and are filtered more effectively so they re-release fewer particles of dust and debris back into the air.   On hard floors, they are remarkably effective, working without stirring up dust as they go.  Call us now or go to our website for more information about the benefits of our custodial back vacs

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Floor Buffers Denver

If you’ve wondered how certain businesses and establishments get their floors not just clean but sparkling, and you’ve waxed and scrubbed to no avail, the secret is not some special wax, or magic floor elves, but simply high quality floor buffers like you can find at Certified Cleaning Supplies and Equipment in Denver.  A buffer doesn’t just clean your floor, it polishes it at high speed for that glistening shine on any type of hard floors.  With a high powered motor to bust all the dirt, and high speed fine buffing surfaces to get the shiniest possible finish, floor buffers are the trick to having  truly beautiful floors, whether linoleum, marble, or hardwood.

Our team of experts at Certified Cleaning in Denver can help you to determine which type of floor buffers will best suit your situation, whether you need several industrial models for your janitorial service or one solid smaller easy to store model to keep your personal business’ floors all at a perfect shine.  Come down and see what buffers and other floor care machines we have to make your life and business cleaner and easier to manage, as well as all of our other professional quality custodial supplies.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Custodial Supplies Denver

Any business needs to get the best deal on high quality custodial supplies that they can find, because the little things like paying too much for substandard cleaning products add up quickly and can have a dramatic effect on your business.  If you have access to top quality custodial supplies at a great price, your staff can get everything you need cleaned that much faster and more efficiently,  which then saves you far more money in the form of labor costs.  

At Certified Cleaning Supplies and Equipment in Denver, we offer a huge selection of janitorial and custodial supplies for every type of business, from small private businesses that handle their own cleaning to full service custodial companies.  They all need to be as efficient in their cleaning methods as possible, and the supplies they use are hugely influential on that efficiency.   From paper products for your customer bathrooms all the way to industrial floor cleaning machines,  from spray window cleaners to floor wax, Certified Cleaning Supply ad Equipment in Denver is your reliable area source for great deals on reputable brands of professional custodial supplies

Friday, September 23, 2011

Commercial Floor Mats Denver

Floor mats are an important health and safety aspect of most businesses.  A commercial floor mat prevents slips and falls among your customers and your staff, provides some foot and knee relief for employees who are standing on hard floors for long shifts, and help keep salt and spills from damaging your floors.
At Certified Cleaning Supply and Equipment in Denver, we sell commercial floor mats from several manufacturers available in many standard sizes or in custom sizes if needed. 

Your hard floors are definitely easier to clean and maintain than carpet,  but for comfort and safety it is a very good idea to look into commercial floor mats to compensate for the rather unforgiving nature of your floors. That easy to clean floor can get awfully slippery before you get that chance to clean it up, and floor mats prevent unfortunate accidents from happening as well as cushioning the feet of staff who are going to be standing for long. We’ll help you determine how many commercial floor mats of what size will best fit your business’ needs, and how to get the most out of your matting choices.  

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Janitorial Paper Products Denver

All businesses are going to go through a large amount of various paper products, and if you are buying them retail you are paying too much for a lower quality of product than you have to. Buying your janitorial paper products from Certified Cleaning Supplies and Equipment in Denver means you’ll get the best prices on high quality, custodial standard products, as well as a larger variety of choice for your paper products.   Whether paper towels for your cleaning staff or bathroom tissue for your customers, getting janitorial quality paper products from a reliable local distributor who can get you exceptional prices provides you with a small edge in comfort and cleanliness, and every business wants to take advantage of any edge they can find. 

Your janitorial paper products could be costing your business far more than they should, and even if you are getting them cheaply, if they are sub standard, you will be using more of them to accomplish less satisfactory results, so it really is no value to buy cheap paper products. Contact Certified Cleaning Supplies and Equipment in Denver today to find out what deals we can find for you in top of the line janitorial paper products.