Friday, July 15, 2011

Floor Scrubbers Denver

A floor scrubber is one of the most used piece of large janitorial equipment in most businesses.   Having the right machine for the job in proper repair is the key to having clean floors without having to use more of your staff’s valuable time than needed to do them.  An inadequate or poorly functioning floor scrubber will waste your labor, and still not leave you with a nice shiny well-scrubbed floor that you want your business to present.  

There are a variety of types of floor scrubbers, and Certified Cleaning Supplies and Equipment in Denver will help you determine which kind you need.  There are small rotary types that are manned by one person, where the cleaning chemicals are applied manually and then the machine easily and efficiently wipes away the wax and dirt with its scrubbing pad, leaving a fresh surface to apply new wax or larger automatic models that apply the solutions themselves as well as providing the elbow grease.  This then takes even less time to get the floors gleaming and beautiful, and you have better productivity among your employees because getting all of the sections of the floor nice and clean occupies less of their time.