Thursday, June 30, 2011

Used Janitorial Equipment Denver

If you are in charge of a janitorial or custodial business, of course it makes sense to look into buying your janitorial equipment used as a money saving option.  But even if you are running some other sort of business, a store, office or restaurant for example, and handling your cleaning and janitorial needs with only your own staff, it can actually be well worth your time and effort to take a look at used janitorial equipment.  It can still save you a considerable amount of money, and provide you with a quality and level of efficiency that you couldn’t get for the same sort of price if you were buying your janitorial equipment at brand new retail prices.   

You can get serious professional quality high end carpet cleaning machines and other equipment for your business for hundreds of dollars less than buying them new,  so you get professional levels of clean for prices that fit a smart business budget.  In Denver, Certified Cleaning Supplies and Equipment sells a variety of used janitorial equipment, as well as new and refurbished janitorial equipment and all the rest of the custodial and cleaning supplies that you may need for your any type of business.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Custodial Floor Cleaning Products Denver

Every custodial business of course has a constant need for professional floor cleaning products.  From cleaning solvents, carpet sprays and waxes to vacuums, buffers and many other floor machines, there is no end to the cleaning products you will need for taking proper care of floors and carpets.  Finding one reliable trusted reasonably priced source for all of your custodial floor cleaning products can make your janitorial business much easier and more productive.    

Even if you are not in the custodial business, having a professional source for floor cleaning products in Denver can be a huge boon to the business you are running, be it an office, store, factory or restaurant.   Certified Cleaning Supplies and Equipment can be that Denver source of high end floor cleaning products within your business’ budget.    They carry many of the highest quality supplies and equipment, all conveniently at one place.   Using the proper cleaning products on your floors can extend their lives and make the day to day cleaning of them take much less elbow grease.   A high powered multi purpose custodial floor cleaning machine such as a back vacuum can save you more than you might think both in labor and in money.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Floor Cleaning Chemicals Denver

Keeping floors clean is a challenge for every business. Between spills and stains, mud in the warm seasons, snow and salt in the cold seasons, floor cleaning is a nearly constant uphill push. The right chemicals, however, can both make the job go quicker, and help your floors to stay cleaner for longer.  

For hard floors or for rugs and carpets, having the most effective floor cleaning chemicals is key. A high quality but still low cost carpet cleaning solution, for example, will save you money and labor time, and leave your rugs and carpets looking nearly as clean as they were when they were new, while protecting them from holding on to more dirt.  And for smooth, shiny hardwood floors, the right cleaning chemicals are the only solution.    And for your linoleum or tile and other flooring, having the right cleaning chemicals doesn’t just keep your floors clean, it can ease daily wear and tear and other damage, helping your floor last years longer.    

Come to Certified Cleaning Supplies and Equipment in Denver and you can find all of the most effective floor cleaning chemicals in one place, as well as any other cleaning supply needs you may have.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Janitorial Paper Supplies Denver

There’s not much you go through faster in any business than janitorial paper supplies.  Even more than any of your cleaning solvents and equipment, any business requires a seemingly endless supply of paper supplies.  Of course, the paper towels and products that your staff actually uses while they are cleaning are the smallest portion of that mountain of janitorial paper supplies.   Most of the paper products that you will find that you use faster than you had thought possible are the very ones that your customers or clients will be using directly, such as bathroom tissue, paper towels, desktop facial tissue boxes, and you want to be sure that these are stocked with high quality paper products at prices that you can feel good about while balancing your business’ budget.

At Certified Janitorial Supplies in Denver, whether you are a small business looking to take care of your own paper supply needs, or a janitorial or custodial company, you will be able to find all of the paper supplies you are looking for in one location at very reasonable bulk prices.   There are places you might want to cut corners, but your customers will appreciate the fact that you didn’t cut those corners on paper products.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Restaurant Cleaning Supplies Denver

In the Denver restaurant business, like anywhere else, it is a constant battle to keep things clean and there is no end to the messes and spills.  Your staff may spend as much time cleaning up as they serving customers, if you aren’t using efficient methods and supplies.  Buying your restaurant cleaning supplies from a store that specializes in cleaning equipment can save you money and vastly increase staff efficiency.    You may be shopping for window supplies, floor machines, or many of the cleaning solvents you need to keep a restaurant as clean as your customers deserve.  

It can be taking your wait staff two or three times as long to vacuum their sections if your vacuum is old and out of date.  With a new vacuum, they can have that extra time back to help customers.   As well, if you are using a bargain all purpose surface cleaner, you are paying for that bargain in extra staff time, or cutting corners in service. Buying quality restaurant cleaning supplies from Certified Cleaning Supplies and Equipment in Denver can be less expensive up front AND can save you money in time your staff spends making up for substandard supplies.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Professional Window Cleaning Supplies Denver

Getting windows spotlessly clean is something every business struggles with.  You don’t want finger prints, water spots, streaks from using lesser quality cleaning supplies, or your staff constantly having to spend the time they could be doing their other work touching up the windows, but you maybe don’t want to pay as much as it could cost to hire a service to come in for window cleaning, and for your windows to sit collecting dirt and smudges on the days in between your window cleaners’ visits.  One solution is to make the modest investment in professional window cleaning supplies from a company such as Certified Cleaning Supplies and Equipment in Denver.

Professional window cleaning supplies can enable your regular staff to easily and efficiently keep all your glass as clean as a professional crew, without putting in all of the extra time it takes to get professional looking windows with regular cleaning supplies such as you can buy at the grocery store.
Certified Cleaning Supplies and Equipment in Denver can provide your business with everything you need for window cleaning the way the professionals do it, since we sell the same quality cleaning supplies that Denver area professional window cleaning companies often use.