Sunday, May 29, 2011

Custodial Mop Buckets Denver

For a janitorial cleaning company, choosing the right equipment and supplies is just as important as choosing the right the people to work for you. Maintaining a spotlessly clean property is essential for the satisfaction of your clients and, in turn, your reputation. While not the most exciting or glamorous shopping trip, selecting janitorial cleaning supplies is an important part of keeping your company efficient and profitable. 

Mop buckets are high on the list of everyday cleaning supplies that have come a long way to increase comfort and efficiency through innovation. Some mop buckets are ergonomically designed to increase productivity and comfort. Others are made to accommodate large floor cleaning jobs by reducing splashing, so drying time is cut down. Mop buckets with a foot pedal that allows dirty water to be drained so heavy lifting can be avoided has saved many backs and reduced injuries. 

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