Friday, March 18, 2011

Janitorial Supplies Denver, Certified Cleaning Denver

Certified Cleaning Supplies and Equipment knows your janitorial staff is important to your business, which is why they need to be properly equipped for their difficult job. This includes the best cleaners and tools possible, including the right janitor’s carts.

There are many  carts on the market; one of the best options is a Rubbermaid cart. Rubbermaid has been a mainstay brand for the last 70 years. Rubbermaid offers everything from trash cans to kitchen utensils and everything in between. The consistent quality and versatility of Rubbermaid products has changed expectations for American consumers, and it is one of the few brands that is actually credited with changing the American way of life. This impact was so profound that Rubbermaid was even named a “Brand of the Century.”

It is no wonder that a Rubbermaid janitorial cart is such a popular option for staff in Denver. A Rubbermaid cart benefits first from its versatility. Rubbermaid has carefully considered the vast and varied needs of a janitorial staff and developed carts that respond to those needs. Because of this, a Rubbermaid janitor cart will have ample storage. This storage comes in many forms, with convenient shelves to hold cleaners and other small equipment. A Rubbermaid janitorial cart will also have hooks and latches, making it easy to attach brooms, mops, and other larger cleaning tools. A Rubbermaid cart will also house a standard sized bucket for mopping as well as a secured vinyl bag with space for a polyliner insert for trash.

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