Monday, March 7, 2011

Floor Scrubbers, Repair, For Sale, Denver, Certified Cleaning Supplies And Equipment

A variety of janitorial floor scrubber machines are available at Certified Cleaning Supplies and Equipment here in Denver Colorado. For most applications, a version of a walk-behind floor scrubber is the preferred type to be used. It depends on the area that has to be covered during a shift of the janitorial service company. What should be remembered is that the right cleaning equipment can help your staff to maximize their productivity while on the job
Certified Cleaning has different walk behind models depending on the area. Smaller rotary models that can be seen in the department store aisles being manned by one person. With a scrubbing pad on the bottom, they can strip the wax off with just only swipe of the machine. The scrubbing solution has to be applied manually and after this process the scrubbing solution still has to be picked up before the wax can be laid down.
To help reduce the time and effort it takes to scrub the floor, Certified Cleaning Supplies and Equipment also has auto-scrubbers. They differ mainly in the fact that it takes less effort by the operator to get the floor cleaner. They also have large capacity tanks that distribute the appropriate amount of solution on the floor during the scrubbing process
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