Saturday, December 31, 2011

Refurbished Floor Scrubbers Denver

Check out our refurbished floor scrubber at Certified Cleaning. Used and refurbished equipment is a great way to save big and still find the floor care equipment you need in Denver. At Certified Cleaning we always have refurbished equipment that provides incredible value and quality.

To find a refurbished floor scrubber, you may just find what you are looking for right here at Certified Cleaning. We always used equipment cycling through our shop; we repair and improve used equipment and pass on the savings to our Denver clients. 

At Certified Cleaning, we often have a selection of refurbished floor scrubbers that offer an economic solution to purchasing a brand new floor scrubber that can be very expensive and not easy on the budget.  

If you are money-conscious and still want quality products to aid your cleaning profession, then check out Certified Cleaning’s refurbished floor scrubber and see what savings you find nearby in Denver. 

We are Certified Cleaning and we believe in providing top quality refurbished equipment at the right prices as often as possible in Denver. Call or check out our stock online today. 

Friday, December 30, 2011

Professional Cleaning Products Denver

Certified Cleaning has a great selection of quality professional cleaning products to suit all of your needs in Denver. We are a great resource for all of the professional cleaning products you need and we are conveniently located in Denver. 

We always strive to provide every professional cleaning product needed for every job in Denver. From cleaners, cleansers, sprays, degreasers, stain removers, and polishes to vacuums, dust mops, scrubbers, polishers, matting, paper products, janitorial carts and just about anything you can think of or need in Denver. 

Our professional cleaning products will get the job done fast and make your work easier in Denver. We know the cleaning products business and we know that what you need is simple, professional quality cleaning products that get the job done. It is simple and straightforward at Certified Cleaning in Denver.

We are here on Saturdays too and offer free delivery, so if you are in a pinch, we can get you the professional cleaning products you need fast. Call or check Certified Cleaning online for the cleaning products you need soon in Denver.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Custodial Mop Buckets Denver

At Certified Cleaning we can help you find the custodial mop buckets you need to get the cleaning jobs done in Denver. We have a large line of janitorial and custodial supplies including janitor and maid carts, garbage receptacles of all kinds, pressure sprayers, dust mops, extension poles for window cleaning, custodial mop buckets and so much more. 

There is no better way to approach cleaning jobs than with the right tools such as custodial mop buckets. They will take hours off of the job and do a more efficient job cleaning than other bucket styles. These are professionally designed to make your work easier in Denver and we are here at Certified Cleaning to make good things happen in your world. 

We love supplying our clients with the right products at the right price and custodial mop buckets are just one example of the products we offer that will be your asset in cleaning. Call or come by Certified Cleaning today and we will help you find the right products and tools to get the job done right in Denver. 

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Refurbished Janitorial Equipment Denver

If you are looking for refurbished janitorial equipment in Denver, Certified Cleaning is a great source to find an assortment for your specific job. We carry refurbished janitorial equipment as a service to the Denver cleaning community, always committed t passing on the savings to our clients.

Be sure to let us know what you are looking for as our stock of refurbished janitorial equipment changes quickly. We keep it moving with unbeatable prices and good machines. There is no better way to buy if you can find refurbished janitorial equipment. It is always less in price and it being refurbished its back in working order at great prices.

We are always here to help you find the best equipment and supplies that will work for you in Denver. Come by Certified Cleaning and see the value and selection we have on hand. We look forward to helping you soon. 

Friday, December 23, 2011

Best Janitorial Supplies Denver

Certified Cleaning carried the best janitorial supplies in all of Denver hands down. We know that finding a one-stop shopping spot for all of your cleaning and custodial supplies can be a challenge. That is why Certified Cleaning has the best janitorial supplies in Denver in order to serve the Denver community well.

Come by and see our selection of the best janitorial supplies and see why we are the best. We strive to maintain the best selection and service so that you can find what you want every time you need it. Think janitorial supplies; think Certified Cleaning.  We are open Monday through Saturday and even offer free delivery for your convenience.

See what a difference the best janitorial supplies make when you come to Certified Cleaning in Denver. Just make a list and see if we can find all of items for you at Certified Cleaning. Our helpful staff will do what we can to assist you.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Used Janitorial Equipment Denver

Certified Cleaning Supplies and Equipment has used janitorial equipment for sale. We sell used janitorial equipment as an added service to our already expansive selection of janitorial supplies and products.

It is a benefit to have access to quality used janitorial equipment in Denver. If your budget does not quite allow for new equipment, consider us your used janitorial equipment vendor. And if we do not have what you are looking for, we will keep an eye out for it and let you know if it comes in.

We aim to provide our clients with the best in used janitorial equipment and service in all of Denver and we think that we do a pretty good job at it. Our company aims be the best in all of Denver; if you would like to experience the best in quality products and customer service just call or click Cerified Cleaning at 303.825.0103.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Cleaning Chemicals Denver

At Certified Cleaning, we have the cleaning chemicals you are looking for in Denver. If you want dependable service and quality cleaning products from the same place, then call or come by Certified Cleaning in Denver. You will be pleased with the selection and wide range of cleaning chemicals available.

Included in our selection are window cleaners, kitchen cleaners, bathroom cleaners, and carpet cleaners, industrial strength cleaners.  Specifically, some of the cleaning chemicals we carry include deodorizers, disinfectants, oven cleaners, all purpose cleaners, toilet bowl cleaners and blocks, glass cleaner, degreasers, floor finishes, floor strippers, and much more.

There is no job too dirty or too big for Certified Cleaning. We carry everything having to do with cleaning, we even carry used equipment, paper products, cans, liners, matting, gloves, janitor carts, ice melt, vacuums and the list goes on!

Call or come by Certified Cleaning today and we of we can outfit you with the cleaning chemicals you need in Denver. 

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Custodial Cleaning Chemicals Denver

Certified Cleaning Supplies and Equipment has the custodial cleaning chemicals you have been looking for in Denver. We carry a great selection, offer free delivery and are open on Saturdays for your convenience.

Our custodial cleaning chemicals include all purpose cleaners, cleansers, glass cleaner, oven cleaners, carpet cleaners, prespotters and stain removers degreasers, deodorizers, disinfectants, aerosol sprays, toilet bowl cleaners, floor strippers and finishes, polishes, and much more. Just about anything you can think of or need for your custodial cleaning chemicals and supplies, we have at Certified Cleaning.

We take care of our clients by providing what you need and want at reasonable prices in Denver. That says a lot about our company and how dedicated we are to supplying the greater Denver communities with quality custodial cleaning chemicals.

Having a reliable and affordable cleaning chemical company makes all of the difference in your work timing and efficiency. Let Certified Cleaning be your supplier for all janitorial and custodial cleaning needs in Denver. You will be happy you chose the bet company in Denver to be your supply company.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Custodial Paper Products Denver

If you are looking for high quality inexpensive custodial paper products in Denver, you have found the best source available. Certified Cleaning carries a great selection of custodial paper products of all types, paper towels, toilet paper, hand towels, and more. Check out our prices and selection on our website and if you do not see what you are looking for give us a call!

We love to carry all of the custodial paper products our clients need in Denver. If you need custodial paper products that you do not see on our list, we will do our best to get it in for you so you have the supplies you need.

At Certified Cleaning Supplies and Equipment, we take care of all of our customer’s custodial paper products and offer free delivery. It is fast and easy to call us up and make an order for delivery. We will be right over with your request with fast and friendly service.

Come to Certified Cleaning for all of your custodial paper products. You will love the customer service and fast service in Denver.